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Forget about complexity - use one API and send messages worldwide!


Farovord provides powerful and multifunctional global SMS API (SMPP v. 3.4, HTTP/XML) platform, using it you can  send & track messages worldwide.

​SMS for verifications become easier, now you can insert two factor authentication, one time sms passwords with a single messaging API.


Use your Brand Name and send marketing messaging to more than 200 countries with our web portal.
Any company, software development, online stores, delivery services can easily reach their customers. All you need is to use Farovord mobile services cloud.

Retail and Wholesale Traffic

Farovord provides unified reliable cloud communication platform that allows you to send messages worldwide.

We offer 1-hop high quality routers and direct connections.

We are growing up our reliable  network with Carriers Globally just contact us to get connected.  


Personal manager will help you  to reach your needs in easiest and fastest way. 

24/7/365 Support and NOC Teams will take care of your requests and most unusual tasks at any time. We are happy to assist you!   

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Multifunctional and reliable communication platform

High system availability 99,9% - elastic throughput - SMPP v3.4 & HTTP SMS APIs - Statistics - Support 24/7/365.

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 Farovord-services company is a Global SMS Carrier. We are professional and creative specialists of Mobile industry. We work for our clients more than 5 years and creating reliable and secure communication channels between Mobile Network Operators and Enterprises. Today more than 1000 Clients and Partners rely on Farovord and receive qualified sms services around the Globe.


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39/5 Granton Crescent str,  Edinburgh, EH5 1BN Scotland, United Kingdom.

Sales team:

Support team:

Tel: +44-770-0396512


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